Month: August 2015

Practice – 31 August 2015

Made it out to the range today with a plan of practice, speed was the theme of the day.  First thing I did was setup the standard practice setup from Stoeger’s Skills and Drills, 3 targets with 1 yard apart spacing.  I then used my handy line marking paint to mark off 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25, and 50 yards.

I function tested my new Shadow, by firing off a magazine, and made sure that it was zeroed at 18 yards.  Good to go.  Parts are on the way, going to set this up with a slightly heavier trigger than the Accu.  Ordered my grips in red so I can quickly tell the difference in the safe.

I then ran an CM 99-11 El Presidente.  I only allowed myself one run, and that was it.  T1 was 1 A and 3 C’s, T2 was 3 A’s and 1 C and T3 was 4 A’s, for 52 total points, and the time was 5.54 seconds.  Hit factor comes out to 9.3862, and according to and, it is 91.4733% so a Master percentage.  Too many C’s for that speed, but a good speed.  Need to clean it up a bit.

I ran a couple of Bill Drills and Blake Drills, and found my times were under 2.0 seconds with all A’s.  So I pushed myself, and started throwing C’s but got my times down to 1.6 seconds on Bills and 1.7 on Blakes.



Practice – 24 August 2015

I didn’t get a chance to practice much on my own this summer, only a few times and at the very beginning of the season.  Since July most of the times I was at the range I was training other people and would get to shoot only to demonstrate something.  This practice was just me working on my deficiencies.  The two areas I decided to target were to practice gripping strongly with my weak hand which I have been slacking off in dry-fire, and transitions.

Started by setting up my targets at 10 yards with spacing of 3 yards.  No partials.

First drill was just to shoot a group at 5 yards.  Made sure that I gripped strongly with my support hand.  Practiced slapping the hell out of the trigger, and found that by gripping the gun hard will allow me to quickly work the trigger HARD.  While I have always known this, I found that I would be somewhat lazy and just grip “good enough”.  When done with a drill or a stage, my hands should hurt from gripping the gun.

Next was some Bill Drills to reinforce the gripping of the gun while at speed and after a draw.  Ran them all at just under 2 seconds and the hits were better Alphas than in the past, as focusing on the grip would return the sights to the same place better and my trigger press could still be fast and sloppy, but the sights would not jerk out of alignment.  Still having difficulty going much faster than 2 seconds, usually around 1.8 seconds is my best.  My trigger finger doesn’t seem to move faster than .17 splits.  Also found my surrender draw is about .1 slower than my hands at sides.


Match Review – 2015 Minnesota Section Championship – 15 August 2015

My first major match was the 2014 Minnesota Section Championship and I finished in 14th place. It was a lot of memory stages and I had a crap load of failure to engage procedurals and a crazy amount of misses.  So this year when I signed up I set a goal to have no failure to engage penalties.

Tim, Josh and I arrived on Friday about noon to look over the stages.  We were to start on Stage 4 and shoot the top 5 stages first and after lunch we moved down to the bottom bays.  Stages 3, 4, and 5 were the most memory intensive. I made a plan for each stage, and programmed them into my head… I felt confident.  Even though it was hot and humid, it was still less than the Great Plains Section a month and a half earlier, so I knew to stay hydrated.   I also tweaked the magazine release on my Accu so the mags would always fall free, which was a problem at Area 3 and the last club match.

After the walkthroughs we went to the hotel and Josh racked out as he had been up all night. Tim and I ran some errands, then went and found a place to eat.  We tried John Hardy’s BBQ, and Tim and I ordered the ribs.  They were amazing and huge!  I think it will have to be a new tradition. Next year will be the shredded pork, and the next the brisket.

Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 9 August 2015

I will be honest, I didn’t give it my all at this match. I woke up tired, and when I got to the range I found that my closest competitor wasn’t coming I just kind of ran on autopilot.  It was humid as hell but the temp wasn’t that bad, just enough to make you sweat like a whore in church.

Stage 2 – Down South
23 – A
2 – C
1 – D
1 – M
1 – Procedural
25.78 seconds
3.9566 hit factor

Didn’t really do much of a walk-through before hand. I ran the timer until it was my time to shoot. Forgot a popper that was behind another popper and left it standing. So a miss and a procedural for failure to engage. I didn’t move to the first target quickly and just kind of sauntered over to it. After that I moved a little better, but I wasn’t really pushing myself at all. D hit was on a far target and I have no excuse.


Match Review – Hornady Area 3 Championship

Been a busy last couple of days!  Timmy and I left for Grand Island, NE for Area 3 on Friday, July 31st, 2015, and we shot on Saturday and Sunday and drove back on Sunday, and this morning I had to drive to Des Moines, IA to spend the week at a training.  So I am sitting here in my hotel room realizing why my wife and I cancelled cable waiting for the slow ass internet connection to finish uploading the video to YouTube.

The day before we left, Timmy came up to Brookings for a live fire session.  I set him on the path to improvement through fundamentals, and when he was able to actually shoot a stage without gun issues, they seem to be helping.  Tim had a bolt action STI on stage 2, his last for Saturday, when his barrel link broke.  For Sunday, one of the other shooters from the club lent him his backup STI.  For his first stage of day 2 we started on the stage with a crap load of swingers, and the extended magazine release that was on the borrowed gun screwed him to all hell.  Each time he shot his weak hand would push the mag release and the magazine would fall out.  Poor bastard.

While practicing with Tim, I wasn’t liking the bullets out setup on my belt again, so the night before the match I converted them back to bullets forward. I don’t think it caused any issues.

The walk-throughs:

We arrived at about 1pm on Friday, and we started the walkthroughs.  Most seemed pretty straight forward, but a couple had several different ways to get it done and I didn’t see all the variables.  This game is constantly throwing new ideas to me every time I shoot.  We got to watch the Production super-squad shoot a stage or two so that was cool.

The Match: Listed in order I shot them. 10 and 11 and 5 and 6 were speed shoots in the same bay. We alternated in the shooting order which is why I shot them out of order.

Our stage order was Saturday: 9 through 14, and 1 and 2.  Sunday we shot 3 through 8.