Practice – 24 July 2015

Every Thursday night the Pastor from one of the local churches has a little fun shoot/competition at the range.  Rules are loose, and you run what you bring and the sky is the limit.  Sometimes it is rifle and pistol, but this time was just pistol.  I usually just use my USPSA gear, as I want all the practice I can get.

Got out there a few minutes early and ran my Area 3 loads through the chronograph.  These were all plucked at random from my boxes and stored in my office all day.  Average over several 3 shot strings was 970, so right at the 131 power factor I was expecting.  Very happy with that.

First “stage” was IDPA targets.  You started 10 yards back and right from a shooting box, and on the beep you moved to the box and engaged 3 targets at a 45 degree angle from the box.  Two of the targets were about 10 and 12 yards out with minimal spacing, and the last of the array was about 3 yards from the other and about 15 yards out from the box.  Then you sprinted forward about 30 yards to a table and there were 4 more targets at about 20 yards and some were at goofy angles.  We did this twice for score.  The first run wasn’t the prettiest.  After sitting in a patrol vehicle all day my legs were a bit stiff and I should have stretched a bit, but the time was 19.58 and down 4.  So 23.58 which was still the fastest out of everyone.   Second string I did in 18.08 and was down 2.  So some improvement, I had to focus on striding out my run and pushing it.  I hate running!

Next was a Steel Challenge style setup.  Five steel plates with dimensions of 10″ x 8″ with a small head box of a couple inches.  Four were at 15 yards with about 7 yard spacing between them.  Final stop plate was at 32 yards.  We each got 2 runs.  Mine were under 5 seconds each.  A couple of makeups, one on the second run 3rd plate at 15 yards, 1 on first string on the 32 yard stop plate, and 2 on the second run at the 32 yard stop plate.   I was trying to push for speed, and didn’t have as good of a sight picture as I should have, and had a shitty trigger press on the far stop plate.

Last stage was 2 strings, draw fire 1 on 15 yard plate, slide lock reload fire 1.  Both strings were right at 3 seconds, but the first I missed the steel by an inch as I was pushing hard and didn’t quite have an acceptable sight picture, but I called it a miss as soon as it happened.  Reloads were good.

Then I just got to do a little screwing around.  Did some draws to the 32 yard target, 5 in a row with good hits at 1 second.  Shot a few Bill drills on the steel at 10, did some more transitions practice on the steel and called it good.

Oh yeah, my A card showed up in the mail the other day.  This calculation put me at 75.29%.  I am missing three that haven’t been calculated yet which will put me at 81.?%  So still have some work to do to get my M card.


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