Match Review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 19 July 2015

After my disappointing match at the Great Plains Sectional I evaluated what I didn’t like from that match.  First is that my fat ass needs to actually move!  Second is I had a lot of A’s and I need to remember that I can give up a few A’s for C’s if I am hauling ass.  Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to dry fire since the GP Section match as my wife is doing Rustoleum’s Total Transformation on the kitchen cabinets and has all the doors in my dry fire area.  Thankfully it is almost done, and I just have to put the doors back tomorrow.

I went to this match with my mind clear, and my emotions in check.  I did have a heck of a headache, but I just dealt with it.  I smoked a Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro while waiting for the match to start, it was yummy.

Stage 5:
24 – A
14.59 seconds
8.2248 Hit Factor

Good start to the day. Unloaded table start, and it took a little longer to get the gun loaded than I would have liked.  The first reload wasn’t as clean as it should have been and I could have shot a bit faster, but my movement from one side of the stage to the other was much less slow than at the GP Section match.  Still need to move faster and clean up the reloads.

Stage 6:
22 – A
4 – C
24.48 seconds
4.9837 Hit Factor

Quasi-memory stage with a strange layout with a couple of tucked in targets that were easy to forget.  After stage 2 at the GP section match, I knew that memory stages were my trouble spots, so I reviewed Ben Stoeger’s book Practical Pistol and did what he said to do about memory stages.  Keep it simple, use stage markers to determine “arrays” of targets to shoot.  This worked well.  Not the fastest time in Production division, but less than a second slower than the fastest  and I shot it without penalties.  I actually ran hard on this stage from one side to the other and felt like I moved fairly decent.  Still need to work on my transitions for a “memory’ stage.

Stage 1:
27 – A
3 – C
1 – D
1 – M
1 – NS
25.29 seconds
4.9417 Hit Factor

I bombed this stage!  I started okay, but I hit a barrel that was obscuring a target.  I saw it and made the shot up, but I had planned out the reloads with no real wiggle room, so I ended up going to slide lock every time.  Accuracy also went to hell when I had my massive brain fart, and I plugged a no shoot right after the barrel incident.  I stopped watching the sights and didn’t call my shots.  After the first reload things smoothed out a bit and the accuracy came back as I found my sights again.  The slide lock reloads didn’t help, but didn’t lose that much time on those.  I could have planned the stage out better.

Stage 2:
25 – A
7 – C
19.17 seconds
7.6161 Hit Factor

Fastest stage time overall on this stage.  Simple plan, simple execution.  Not much to say about this one, but I stayed smooth, moved with a purpose and allowed myself a couple more C’s for speed.

Stage 3:
Steel Challenge – Pendulum
20 – A
1st string – 5.18 seconds
2nd string – 4.08 seconds
3rd string – 5.66 seconds
4th string – 5.02 seconds
19.94 seconds
5.0150 Hit Factor

4 strings.  With a normal Steel Challenge stage, you would shoot 5 strings and throw out the worst.  We didn’t do that.  Too many make up shots, just put the sights on the target and press the trigger cleanly.  Need to call my shots and make the hits the first time.

Stage 4:
CM 08-03 Six
5 – A
1 – C
3.30 seconds
8.4848 Hit Factor
83% nationally

Turn and draw was a bit slow.  First target was 1 A and 1 C, steel hit and down, last paper 2 A.  Run felt good, should have shot 2 A on each paper.  Even if I would have hit both A’s on the first it would have only been an 89% run.  10.2000 is the High Hit Factor for that classifier, you would need all A’s in just under 3 seconds for that.

All in all, a good match, Stage 1 disappoints me, but I am still working on my consistency.  I will get there!


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