Practice – 8 July 2015

This wasn’t a true practice session, I was at the range to train another officer to complete his inservice and his qualification.  As I was there to train him, I didn’t get a chance to put a lot of rounds down range but I did some demoing and I shot while he was loading ammo.

This year for the inservice I used drills from Ben Stoeger’s Skills and Drills book, GET IT HERE.  I used the Dot drill, but compressed the distance for my officers to 3 yards, and Distance Changeup and Accelerator.  Depending on the officer and their proficiency, I would either run it as is from the book or reduce the distances a bit while building up their abilities.  This officer was an administration guy, and is rarely out on patrol and does not ever dryfire or practice on his own.   This meant reduced distances for both drills.

I setup Distance Changeup for 5 and 10 yards instead of 5 and 15.  While my officer was loading mags I ran it a few times in different directions and sequence.  I averaged 2.5 seconds and could usually shoot all A’s or drop a B in the head.

With Accelerator I set them up at 15, 10 and 5 yards.  I could easily get all A’s in 2.5 seconds, and if I pushed it to close to 2 seconds I would push a close C.

I shot the dots at 7, and I keep rushing it.  I will shoot 3.5 seconds, and clean 3 or 4 and then fail it by throwing one or two.  I need to slow down just a bit to ensure the sights and trigger are perfect.   I have to remember 5 seconds, not burn it down.

After the officer qualified, I did some 25 yard Bill drills and made my 4 second par time with all A’s fairly easily, I had 2 out of 8 runs just over 4 seconds.

I need to work on my draw some, having difficulty getting my grip every time, and I need to get my support hand moving to meet the gun and build the grip sooner.  I also need to start working the trigger just a bit sooner to break the shot right as I get on the A on close targets.  The gun is definately heavier than the Glock was and it has slowed my draw a .1 of a second or so.  Transitions are still good, but could be a bit faster, but the speed hasn’t changed from the Glock.

Reloads are my number one area I lose time for basic skills.  I average 1.5 in a match or a drill, on occasion I can hit a 1.25 if everything is perfect, but they are far and few between.   I have to work on from the mag being seated to getting a sight picture when the reload is finished.  Reloading the CZ hasn’t proven to be any slower than the Glock, in fact I seem to miss the mag well less.


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