Shooting history

I started shooting pistols shortly after turning 21 in 2001, and am largely self taught.   I was mostly a “tactical” shooter because of my job in law enforcement and was a bit of a wanna be ninja.  I am definitely not a ninja, and I don’t really care about a lot of the tacticool stuff anymore.  I attended my first firearms class in 2004 after graduating the South Dakota Law Enforcement Academy as my roommate from the academy was the host for the course.  During the course I met the match director for the local club in Sioux Falls for USPSA.  I finally got down to a match or three and my initial classification in Single Stack was B, with a high average % of 72.10.  I shot Single Stack and Production for the next couple of years whenever I could get to a match, but only shot 3 or 4 each summer for those 4 years.

In 2008 I stopped shooting competitively, my wife and I were working on paying off debt and the costs, even for local matches was just too great as we were working the Dave Ramsey plan and went in wholeheartedly.  I continued to shoot for work, but my practice both live and dry was very far and few between.  I continued to attend user and instructor classes for work.

In October/November 2013 I found that Ron Avery was going to be teaching a class a few hours away.  As I am the department’s lead firearms instructor, my agency paid for me to attend the course.  During the class, Ron basically told me if I want it I need to work at it and I would need to start competing again.

In May 2014, almost 6 years to the day I stopped shooting competitively I returned to the club with a not fully Production legal GLOCK 17 and shot the special classifier match, averaging 56%.  Wow had my skills degraded, I was placing in the middle of the pack.  By the end of the season I was placing at the top of the overall results and winning Production division again.  My consistency was horrible.  I kept trying to burn down every stage I encountered.  I attended the Minnesota State Championship for my first level 2 match and placed 14th in Production and was 59.327% of Ben Stoeger.  That made me realize that I had a lot of work to do.

I shot a couple more local matches that fall, and when winter hit I took a couple months off to ice fish.  My wife and I discussed my future in the sport, and I decided that I would like to plan to shoot 20 thousand rounds during the 2015 season.  Luckily I found enough powder and primers, and ordered up the bullets and got to loading.  By the time the season started in April I already had a couple thousand rounds down range and was starting to work out the kinks.

At the beginning of May I went to the Wisconsin Sectional, and I had a horrible match, placing 15th in Production.  I pushed myself to hard.  I called lots of A’s but kept getting misses, in the end I had 8 mikes on a 9 stage match!  I later found my locking block was cracked, which may have caused some of the accuracy issues.  I replaced the locking block and my groups tightened back up.  But it was mostly trying to run like I was practicing not shooting a match.

I shot the special classifier later in May and did much better than the year before.  I am still waiting for USPSA to calculate the averages, but I should have made A class.

At the end of May my wife, Carla, surprised me with a CZ75 SP-01 Accu-Shadow, which I had been lusting after for quite awhile.  I shot my first match with the Accu in June and I love it.  In the two matches I have shot with it since I got it, I have shot two 86% classifiers!  While the Accu has helped, I have already put 12 thousand rounds down range so far this year and with the amount of dryfire I have been doing I have definitely been putting in the work.


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