Match review – Sioux Falls Practical Shooters – 5 July 2015

This match had 6 stages, one was a speed shoot and another a classifier.  I shot in Production division.  I shot my CZ Custom SP-01 Accu-Shadow using Mec-Gar magazines with Springer Precision base pads, Double Alpha Racer magazine pouches setup for bullets out, Ben Stoeger Pro Shop BOSS holster and CR Speed belt.  Stages are listed in order that I shot them.

Stage 3: 15 paper targets (one swinger), 2 poppers, with no shoots.  32 rounds, 160 points.

This was my best stage of the day in terms of placement overall.  4 out of 48 overall, 1st place Production.

I forgot my plan, I was going to shoot a different array second, but it worked out well and my body just flowed where it wanted to.  No shoots gave a bunch of people trouble, I just used my sights and pressed the trigger properly.  Time was 26.50 seconds, and I had 142 points for a hit factor of 5.3585.

Stage 4: 11 paper, 2 poppers, with no shoots.  24 rounds, 120 points.

Decent run, 6 out of 48 overall, and 1st Production.

My plan was to shoot the three through the first port to the left, then move across to the right while reloading and get the next three in a different port, and then move up the middle and not reload as I had two more targets to shoot before hitting the last array.  As soon as I exited the port, I immediately did a reload.  While this did not cause me any issues, I clearly have to work on memorizing and executing a stage plan.  I did shoot a D on the left most far back target of the last array and had a make up shot on the steel.  I shot 106 points in 19.02 seconds for a hit factor of 5.5731.

Stage 5 – Speed Shoot: 3 paper. 12 rounds, 60 points.  Loaded gun in holster, spare mag on table.  Hands at surrender.  On beep, two on each, reload from table, two on each.

13 out of 48 overall, and 2nd Production.

Draw was okay, but slightly missed my grip.  Horrible accuracy, lots of C’s.  Reload was crap, the pickup from the table was okay, but had issues getting it fed into the gun.

Stage 6 – Classifier CM 06-05 – Fluffy’s Revenge 2: 3 paper, 2 poppers.  12 rounds, 40 points  Hands at surrender facing up range.

5 out of 48 overall, and 1st Production.

Thankfully this was Comstock!  On my turn and draw I pressed the trigger way too hard, and instead of hitting the popper I hit T1 with a low C.  I made up the popper, and gave 2 A’s to each of the paper and smoked the last steel.  Time was 3.97 seconds, with 40 points and a hit factor of 10.0756.  86% so a Master class run, my second in a row!

Stage 1: 14 paper, 4 six inch plates, with no shoots.  32 rounds, 160 points.

8 out of 48 overall, 1st Production.

I kept moving through most of the stage, but stopped to shoot two of the plates.  I should have kept moving, I would have hit them.  I also moved too slowly throughout the stage, if I am going to be moving and shooting I need to do it faster.  The 2nd place production shooter shot it 3 seconds slower and with 6 less points.  I could have afforded to drop a few more Cs and move faster.  148 points, in 24.52 seconds for a hit factor of 6.0359.

Stage 2: 2 paper, 28 steel.  32 rounds, 160 points.

16th overall, 2nd Production.

Way too many make up shots.  Had to pickup a discarded mag with ammo in it to shoot the last popper.  Should have just shot to slide lock each time.  Need to learn to go one for one on steel.  Called for calibration on a popper I shot 4 or 5 times in the hit zone and it didn’t go down.  Of course it dropped when the calibration gun shot it.  151 points, 10 points in penalties, 62.09 seconds, and 2.2709 hit factor.  I don’t know why steel give me such problems when I smoke alphas on paper all day long.


7th Overall, 1st Production


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