Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

Glock Incorporated runs a series of matches across the country throughout the year.  The cost to enter is low and all you need is a factory Glock and some magazines and ammo.  No holster is necessary everything is started from the low ready.  There are three courses of fire, each are simple.  Scoring is accuracy and time.  The faster you shoot and the more accurate you shoot the better you do.

In June 2014, I shot the GSSF match in Sioux Falls.  I won 1st place in the Competition division for which the prize was a certificate for a Glock pistol.

In May 2015, I drove to Minneapolis and shot the GSSF match.  I won the Guardian division, and won another pistol.

in June 2015, I worked the match in Sioux Falls and also shot it.  I won a pistol on the raffle for the range officers and I won both the Guardian and Competition divisions.  Now as I have won three pistols for performance in GSSF, I am considered a GSSF Master. This means it will be much harder to win a pistol, as a win doesn’t guarantee a certificate as Glock tries to spread the wealth throughout the Master class shooters.


What I have found is if you can get under 60 seconds total you will more than likely win some guns. Each of my wins were for total times less than 60 seconds.

Practice your low ready, or tucked in start. Accuracy is very important, some C’s are okay but D’s and Mikes will throw you out of the running quick. Fast splits are not that important, but transitioning quickly is, as most I have seen can shoot quickly on a target but transition extremely slow.

Practice your plate rack using paper plates and if you can burn them down it will allow some more C’s and D’s on the other stages. Learn the scoring area of the targets so you know where to put your sights for the 25 yard target on 5 to Glock as you probably will not be able to see the perforations. If you don’t have D-1 targets to practice on just use paper plates and pencil in A/B and C zones.  Be smooth, watch your sights and have a good trigger press and it is pretty easy.


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